About Us

About us

At Datascud, we’re a future-focused development firm with our vision set to improve challenges for organizations that strive to move forward at a future-focused pace. Our combined resources along with our integrated services provide detailed value to companies all around the world. From Data Prototyping to AI apps development, at Datascud we’re development experts who focus on providing data based intelligent solutions for global corporations. We’re focused on delivering economic and social transformation with revolutionary tech focused solutions.

Our team at Datascud focuses on revolutionary development and technology breakouts. Our experts think out of the box and work over unique AI driven data management solutions. One of our most prestigious projects include Project Imperial, our crown jewel and revolutionary employee management solution.

With our future-focused approach to transform human resources management and more, Datascud immersed into the market with the inception of Project Imperial, a revolution in the world of advanced employee management. Our data analysts along with our experienced technical strategists worked in alliance to make Project Imperial a state-of-the-art, all in one management system for vendors, employees, recruiters, clients and more beautifully. With several different technical modules curated to fit the most complex employee management and HRM operations. Connect to different available sources such as workday and more for effective and healthy employee relationship management. Our team of data professionals focused on developing a unique UI based dashboard with one-click usage intelligently powered modules helping you with maintaining or updating payroll efficiently, managing recruiter payments along with QuickBooks for accounts receivable and payable, and much more.

Our team of professionals at Datascud continuously works on creating, implementing and improving employee recruitment and management processes with advanced technology-based solutions. Our focus and aim remain on future-focused and easy to use technology that revolutionizes operational management solutions.